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2018.10.18 Written by Francis May
I have been going to Hayden for years to get my mowing equipment serviced. I have also bought all my mowing gear from Gaythorne mowers.
He is a top notch mechanic and also sells great quality mowers and snippers. There is never a job to big or small.
Hayden is always friendly and prompt with getting anything fixed.
I would definitely recommend Gaythorne mowers!
2018.10.18 Written by Francis May
I have been going to Hayden for years to get my mowing equipment serviced. I have also bought all my mowing gear from Gaythorne mowers.
He is a top notch mechanic and also sells great quality mowers and snippers. There is never a job to big or small.
Hayden is always friendly and prompt with getting anything fixed.
I would definitely recommend Gaythorne mowers!
2018.10.18 Written by Pete Teale
Brilliant work. Since being serviced, my two old mowers and whipper snipper run better than new. The work was ready on the day promised, at the right price and handed over with a smile. Thanks Gaythorne Mower Centre.
2018.09.21 Written by Michael Commons

Hayden sold me a 2nd hand 2 stroke mower rebuilt from the ground up and it runs like a Ferrari. He has three mechanical qualifications and I can sincerely and with absolutely no hesitation recommend this business.
2018.02.13 Written by Judy Henry
Hayden fixed my Victa mower in two days and when I went to collect it I didn't recognise it - it looked brand new and more to the point it works like a dream. I was so impressed that I turned around and went back to buy a Makita edge trimmer and a lightweight blower. His prices matched others that I'd researched. I'll be going back to buy more tools as I'd rather spend my money with someone like Hayden, who works hard, knows his stuff, and gives fabulous customer service. Don't hesitate to get your garden equipment serviced at Gaythorne Mower Centre - and if you're in the market for some new tools, then Hayden's your man, plus he's a really nice guy.
2017.12.23 Written by Lois Stratford
Yesterday before the Christmas break, I could see that I must buy a lawn-mower...I rather looked for the Service Providers first...those called upon when it comes to servicing the thing. Once decided, then is the problem..on a Friday immediately before Christmas, that I would have to push the huge thing home..about one km. Speaking with Hayden, he said, "No...I can deliver it today..on my way home, even"..
I had confessed to Hayden that I have never pushed a lawn mower in my life. (In Melbourne, where I lived for 40 years, they're just not needed!) So Hayden delivered the mower.
He had assembled it from the box; filled the tank with petrol; not only sussed out the suitability of the whole yard but gave me instructions and a demo. Then he tested me to ensure I knew how to start, push and manage the mower as well!
All on the busiest day of the year!
Such personalised service is a rarity nowadays.
The WOW! factor when (customer) service delivery exceeds expectations!
So from experience, I know who I can recommend for new/used service!
2017.09.05 Written by Craig Miller
I was about to retire my old chainsaw after 24 years of hard use and buy a new one, when Hayden said that he would have a look at it. He has given it a new lease of life and saved me a few hundred dollars in the process. I expect to be dropping it back off to him in another 24 years for its next reconditioning.
2016.04.25 Written by Dennis (Lush Landscape Solutions Pty Ltd)
I have found Hayden to be nothing but friendly and professional. As a landscaper who relies on his equipment to earn a living and provide for my family I would not take my equipment any where else to be repaired and serviced.
2016.02.10 Written by ANN FERGUSON
After struggling with Rover mower for years after forking out dollars to another mower rpair shop and finally mower had enough and refused to idle after much research took it to Hayden. Best move ever as after being told repairs would take weeks as they were so busy dropped off in morning and back afternoon running like a new machine. Thanks heaps Hayden and it was great to be greeted with a smiling face and someone who wanted to resolve your mower worries. Great job and will be back next year.😊
2015.05.18 Written by John
Hayden and his operation are a breath of fresh air. He is a competent, honest and reliable mower guy that I have no hesitation in recommending. From what I gather, he took over the business from his Dad and what you get is old-school service with honesty and integrity from a guy who knows what he’s doing and if he unsure he will tell you.
My experience is akin to Adrian Buzolic’s testimonial, also on this web site.
I took my Briggs & Stratton 4-stroke Rover mower that I bought 2nd hand 20+ years ago to some high profile “experts” with a carburettor problem, twice – the second time because they didn’t fix it the first time and it still wasn’t fixed after the second visit. To exacerbate the poor workmanship, they tried to tell me that’s how a 4-stroke should run, essentially stopped or running at a million RPMs with no throttle variability in between….really! These gormless mower mechanics operated a fancy sales & repair mower business so don’t do what I did and judge a book by its cover.
But before I could bring myself to make the terminal decision to junk what had been a very reliable mower that I had now donated $125 to “experts” to mess up, I took it to Hayden for a stay of execution after reading testimonials like this one. He told me what he thought had happened AND what shouldn’t have been done with that vintage of carburettor. He also offered a solution that might work and if it didn’t work he wouldn’t charge. Well, the outcome is it’s never run better and I feel very smug now that I have found a mower guy. You know that feeling,……when you’ve found a good dentist, builder, GP or whatever ……. so as Moly Meldrum would say, do yourself a favour and take your mower repairs to Hayden for some refreshing old school, honest and reliable advice.
2014.11.29 Written by Jason Cushway
Hi I throughly recommend Hayden at Gaythorne mowers for fixing any type of gardening equipment especially Cylinder Mowers. When it comes to Cylinder mowers Hayden is the man. I dropped off my Cylinder mower in pile of bits and pieces and missing some parts and Hayden had it back together in quick time and at a very competative rate.
You won't find better service or pricing from any other mower store in Brisbane hence the reason I drove over 40km's to get my Cylinder mower repaired. I was that happy with his service and pricing I will be dropping off another project later in the week.
AAA+ for service and pricing Highly Recomend
2014.10.29 Written by john james
Sorry I'm late with testimonial Hayden
I throughly recommend Gaythorne mowers for fixing any type of gardening equipment. Arguably a pet hate of the male population Hayden is genuinely interested in fixing them and does a great job while he's at it.
Very friendly and accommodates any type or brand of equipment alike
2014.04.04 Written by Gareth Scurrah
10/10 Service. Spent the morning just trying to get a cord replacement sorted on friday arvo, Best quote I managed was $60 upwards and it would be ready by monday. Hayden replaced the cord, air filter, oil change and fixed the oil leaking from the seal underneath for $60 and it was done inside 25 minutes.
Bloody fantastic.
2014.03.07 Written by Adrian Buzolic
This place is great!

I wanted to get that out there in case you were going to stop reading after the first sentence. I first met Hayden when I was on my way to the dump with my collection of old mowers. Another place I'd been to had zero interest in recycling. Hayden took them no worries and one day they'll come in handy.

But that's just the start of what's good about this place. It's a real mower mechanic's shop. It's an old shed with timber floors that's probably been there since my grandparents took up residence up the road in the 1920s. The focus is clearly on doing a good job rather than on shiny advertising and trying to pretend that you don't get dirty doing the yard.

And a good job is what Hayden did on a mower that has been in and out of another three letter named "Mower Man"s place enough times to make a grown man cry.

It wasn't an easy job either. It had me baffled as much as that 3 lettered Mower Man ... but then I'm not a mechanic. Hayden got it going better than it had ever run. But then tragedy struck again - same problem. Hayden took it back and replaced the whole bloody carburetor and didn't charge me a cent.

Hayden will go the extra mile to do a good job and he know's what he's doing. And the rest of us should encourage that sort of thing. I happened to have some eggs from my chooks and some honey from my bees that I could give him in gratitude and I found that he really appreciated it.

Good on ya Hayden
2014.02.10 Written by Peter Dean
Hi - I found this guy to be pretty good!

A bloke in the Landscaping business recommended him, to look at a pole saw I had borrowed, that just would never start.

The guy I normally go to (who is good), would not touch the pole saw, saying it was " O/s crap".

Anyway Hayden got it going really well, and it did the job for me, leaving all fingers in tact.
Later, I managed to damage the pole saw by dropping something on it - but that is another story.

So - basically - straight advice - good skill - doesn't make you fill like a dill - and you end up getting the job done. And it comes with a fair price.

If there is a box to tick - he's got it.

And believe me - I know bad customer service - I have been a Good-life gym member for three years.

Cheers, Peter.
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